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DepGynogen is one of several brands of Estradiol. DepGynogen is also sold under the names Alora, Climaderm, Climara, Climera, Delestrogen, Depo-Estradiol, Depogen, Dioval, Dura-Estrin, Duragen, E-Cypionate, Esclim, Estrace, Estraderm, Estradiolo, Estradiol-Valerate, Estradot, Estragyn, Estra-L, Estrasorb, Estro, Estrofem, Estrotab, Evorel, Femogex, FemPatch, FemRing, Gynoestryl, Gynogen, Menaval, Menorest, Oestrilin, Ovocyclin, Progynon, Progynova, Qlaira, Valergen, Vivelle-24, Vivelle-Dot, Zumenon. DepGynogen (Estradiol) is an estrogen hormone used to provide female hormone when the body no longer produces enough. It is used to help reduce menopause symptoms (e.g., hot flashes, vaginal dryness) and to prevent bone loss (osteoporosis) in people at high risk. Consult your physician for further DepGynogen (Estradiol) applications. Further DepGynogen reference material...

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A brand of DepGynogen labelled as Dermestril-Septem manufactured by Meda Pharma, Ell Cranell made by Galderma Laboratorium, Estradiol produced by 1 A Pharma and Jenapharm, Estradot made by Novartis Pharma and Novartis, Estramon produced by Hexal, Estreva made by Eurimpharm and Aca Müller/Adag Pharma, Estrifam manufactured by Novo Nordisk Pharma, Estring by Pfizer Pharma, Evopad produced by Janssen-Cilag, Fem7 50µg/24 Std. 4 Transderm. Pflaster manufactured by Abbott, Femoston Mono by Abbott, Gynokadin manufactured by Dr. Kade/Besins Pharma, Linoladiol N Creme made by Dr. August Wolff & Co.Kg, Merimono by Novartis Pharma, Oestraclin manufactured by Seid, Pantostin Lsg made by Merz, Progynova produced by Jenapharm and Quimica Bayer, Qlaira by Quimica Bayer, Cc-Pharma, and Jenapharm, Qlaira , Tradelia, and Vagifem made by Isdin and Cc-Pharma are at Goldpharma

Dermestril-Septem0.025 mg/24h12 transdermal therapeutic system$40.32Order
Ell Cranellmg100ml solution$33.48Order
Estradiol0.025 mg/24h18 transdermal therapeutic system$36.12Order
Estradiol0.075 mg/24h4 transdermal therapeutic system$34.44Order
Estradiol0.075 mg/24h16 transdermal therapeutic system$63.53Order
Estradiol2 mg30 tablets$29.29Order
Estradiol Fem1.53 mg3x10 tablets$27.74Order
Estradiol Fem1.53 mg60 tablets$32.97Order
Estradiol Fem1.53 mg100 tablets$39.63Order
Estradot0.025 mg/24h8 transdermal therapeutic system$28.39Order
Estradot0.025 mg/24h26 transdermal therapeutic system$41.72Order
Estradot0.038 mg/24h8 transdermal therapeutic system$30.22Order
Estradot0.038 mg/24h26 transdermal therapeutic system$46.77Order
Estradot0.075 mg/24h8 transdermal therapeutic system$34.47Order
Estradot0.075 mg/24h26 transdermal therapeutic system$57.06Order
Estradot0.1 mg/24h8 transdermal therapeutic system$36.58Order
Estradot0.1 mg/24h26 transdermal therapeutic system$62.50Order
Estradot37.5 mcg8 plasters$41.12Order
Estradot75 mcg8 plasters$41.12Order
Estramon0.025 mg/24h6 transdermal therapeutic system$25.88Order
Estramon0.025 mg/24h24 transdermal therapeutic system$38.26Order
Estramon0.038 mg/24h6 transdermal therapeutic system$27.38Order
Estramon0.038 mg/24h18 transdermal therapeutic system$37.80Order
Estramon0.038 mg/24h24 transdermal therapeutic system$42.64Order
Estramon0.05 mg/24h6 transdermal therapeutic system$28.38Order
Estramon0.05 mg/24h18 transdermal therapeutic system$40.47Order
Estramon0.05 mg/24h24 transdermal therapeutic system$45.77Order
Estramon0.075 mg/24h24 transdermal therapeutic system$51.30Order
Estramon0.1 mg/24h6 transdermal therapeutic system$31.84Order
Estramon0.1 mg/24h18 transdermal therapeutic system$48.66Order
Estramon0.1 mg/24h24 transdermal therapeutic system$55.88Order
Estramon Gel0.5 mg91x0.5mg gel$47.91Order
Estramon Gel1 mg91x1.0mg gel$51.53Order
Estramon Uno0.05 mg/24h12 transdermal therapeutic system$45.77Order
Estramon Uno0.075 mg/24h12 transdermal therapeutic system$51.30Order
Estramon Uno0.1 mg/24h12 transdermal therapeutic system$55.88Order
Estramon Uno0.1 mg/24h16 transdermal therapeutic system$65.06Order
Estreva1 mg50g gel$29.73Order
Estreva1 mg150g gel$53.47Order
Estrifam1 mg28 tablets$25.48Order
Estrifam1 mg84 tablets$32.35Order
Estring2 mg1 vaginal insert$108.12Order
Evopad25 mcg8 plasters$10.38Order
Evopad50 mcg8 plasters$12.38Order
Fem7 50µg/24 Std. 4 Transderm. Pflaster0.05 mg/24h4 transdermal therapeutic system$31.72Order
Femoston Mono2 mg28 tablets$29.51Order
Femoston Mono2 mg84 tablets$41.50Order
Gynokadin1.53 mg30 tablets$28.13Order
Gynokadin Dosiergel0.6 mg3x80g gel$64.95Order
Gynokadin Gel0.6 mg80g gel$36.99Order
Linoladiol N Creme0.1 mg25g cream$30.36Order
Linoladiol N Creme0.1 mg50g cream$33.84Order
Linoladiol N Creme0.1 mg100g cream$41.10Order
Merimono0.76 mg84 tablets$30.92Order
Merimono1.53 mg84 tablets$38.90Order
Oestraclin0.06 %80g gel$10.98Order
Pantostin Lsg0.25 mg100ml solution$28.62Order
Progynova0.76 mg63 dragees$30.92Order
Progynova1 mg20 dragees$33.41Order
Progynova1.53 mg21 dragees$26.84Order
Progynova1.53 mg63 dragees$37.62Order
Qlaira mg28 tablets$19.53Order
Qlairamg84 tablets$88.93Order
Qlaira3 mg3x28 tablets$73.80Order
Qlaira3 mg6x28 tablets$126.02Order
Qlaira3 mg28 tablets$38.09Order
Qlaira3 mg84 tablets$74.10Order
Qlaira3 mg168 tablets$128.13Order
Tradelia2 mg24 transdermal therapeutic system$39.98Order
Vagifem10 mcg18 tablets$46.32Order
Vagifem25 mcg15 tablets$48.10Order

A brand of DepGynogen labelled as Estrace (Generic) is at Quick Ship Pills

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceQuick Ship Pills
Estrace (Generic)1mg28 pills$93.00Order
Estrace (Generic)1mg56 pills$131.00Order
Estrace (Generic)1mg90 pills$169.00Order
Estrace (Generic)2mg28 pills$102.00Order
Estrace (Generic)2mg56 pills$140.00Order
Estrace (Generic)2mg90 pills$189.00Order

A brand of DepGynogen labelled as Activelle, Angeliq - Generic Estradiol And Drospirenone, Climara - Estradiol, Climen, Desolett, Estraderm, Estrofem, Ethinyloestradiol, Evalon, Femilon - Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol, Ginette 35, Juliana - Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol, Lynoral - Ethinyl Estradiol Replaced By Ethinyloestradiol - Au/Nz Product, Marvelon, Oestrogel, Ovral-L, and Progynova are at Freedom Pharmacy

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceFreedom Pharmacy
Activelle1 mg/0.5 mg28 tablets$73.62Order
Activelle1 mg/0.5 mg84 tablets$125.19Order
Activelle1 mg/0.5 mg168 tablets$204.33Order
Angeliq - Generic Estradiol And Drospirenone1 mg/2 mg28 tablets$160.25Order
Angeliq - Generic Estradiol And Drospirenone1 mg/2 mg84 tablets$356.75Order
Climara - Estradiol25 mcg4 x 4 patches$156.26Order
Climara - Estradiol25 mcg4 patches$75.40Order
Climara - Estradiol50 mcg4 x 4 patches$109.02Order
Climara - Estradiol50 mcg4 patches$55.74Order
Climara - Estradiol75 mcg4 x 4 patches$171.97Order
Climara - Estradiol75 mcg4 patches$88.30Order
Climara - Estradiol100 mcg4 x 4 patches$159.89Order
Climara - Estradiol100 mcg4 patches$75.53Order
Climen2 mg/1 mg21 tablets$75.08Order
Desolett0,15/0,03 mg21 tablets$65.95Order
Estraderm25 mcg/24 hour24 patches$141.21Order
Estraderm50 mcg/24 hour8 patches$82.74Order
Estraderm100 mcg/24 hour16 patches$89.94Order
Estrofem2 mg28 tablets$75.67Order
Estrofem2 mg84tabs$146.53Order
Ethinyloestradiol10 mcg100 tablets$119.74Order
Ethinyloestradiol10 mcg200 tablets$164.96Order
Evalon1 mg30 tablets$73.77Order
Evalon1 mg90 tablets$134.92Order
Femilon - Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol0.02/0.15 mg3 x 21 tablets$126.55Order
Femilon - Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol0.02/0.15 mg21 tablets$78.15Order
Ginette 350.035 mg + 2 mg84$91.94Order
Ginette 350.035 mg/2 mg168 tablets$124.82Order
Juliana - Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol0.02/0.15 mg3 x 21 tablets$89.03Order
Juliana - Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol0.02/0.15 mg6 x 21 tablets$105.38Order
Lynoral - Ethinyl Estradiol Replaced By Ethinyloestradiol - Au/Nz Product0.01 mg100 tablets$114.10Order
Lynoral - Ethinyl Estradiol Replaced By Ethinyloestradiol - Au/Nz Product0.01 mg200 tablets$155.89Order
Lynoral - Ethinyl Estradiol Replaced By Ethinyloestradiol - Au/Nz Product0.01 mg400 tablets$183.05Order
Marvelon0.15 mg/0.03 mg84 tablets$101.44Order
Marvelon0.15 mg/0.03 mg168 tablets$155.35Order
Marvelon0.15 mg/0.03 mg336 tablets$254.37Order
Ovral-L0.03/0.15 mg21 tablets$63.08Order
Ovral-L0.03/0.15 mg63 tablets$105.29Order
Ovral-L0.03/0.15 mg126$141.03Order
Progynova1 mg56 tablets$70.86Order
Progynova1 mg84 tablets$109.02Order
Progynova1 mg168 tablets$138.09Order
Progynova2 mg84 tablets$81.76Order
Progynova2 mg168 tablets$128.53Order
Progynova2 mg336 tablets$174.42Order

A brand of DepGynogen labelled as EVOREL SEQUI, PROGYNOVA, QLAIRA, and ZUMENON are at Dokter Online

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceDokter Online
EVOREL SEQUI50 mcg8 patches$54.19Order
EVOREL SEQUI50 mcg16 patches$84.26Order
EVOREL SEQUI50 mcg24 patches$129.37Order
PROGYNOVA1 mg84 tablets$92.47Order
PROGYNOVA2 mg84 tablets$100.68Order
PROGYNOVA TS50 mcg12 patches$90.74Order
PROGYNOVA TS50 mcg24 patches$154.00Order
PROGYNOVA TS100 mcg12 patches$95.49Order
PROGYNOVA TS100 mcg24 patches$164.63Order
QLAIRA0.03 mg3 x 28 tablets$78.64Order
ZUMENON2 mg84 tablets$66.11Order

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