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Gengraf is one of several brands of Cyclosporine. Gengraf is also sold under the names Ciclosporina, Modusik-A Ofteno, Neolem, Neoral, Sandimmune, SangCya, Supremunn. Gengraf (Cyclosporine) is an immunosuppressive agent used to prevent rejection of organ or bone marrow transplants. A doctor may prescribe Gengraf (Cyclosporine) for additional conditions. Further Gengraf reference material...

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A brand of Gengraf labelled as Ciclosporin produced by Mylan Dura, Deximune made by Dexcel Pharma, Imunofar, Sandimmun by Novartis Pharma, Novartis Hellas Aebe, and Axicorp Pharma, and Sporilen Caps. are at Goldpharma

Ciclosporin25 mg100 capsules$146.18Order
Ciclosporin50 mg100 capsules$276.65Order
Ciclosporin100 mg100 capsules$542.19Order
Deximune25 mg30 capsules$59.76Order
Deximune25 mg60 capsules$105.27Order
Deximune50 mg30 capsules$101.04Order
Deximune100 mg30 capsules$179.38Order
Imunofar25 mg50 capsules$20.72Order
Imunofar50 mg50 capsules$40.37Order
Imunofar100 mg50 capsules$78.34Order
Sandimmun50 mg10x1ml solution$82.98Order
Sandimmun250 mg10x5ml solution$316.39Order
Sandimmun Inj Sol Inf250 mg10 solution, injectable for infusion$133.49Order
Sandimmun Neoral10 mg100 capsules$83.46Order
Sandimmun Neoral Or.Sol500 mg1 solution$180.81Order
Sporilen Caps. 50 mg60 capsules$45.61Order
Sporilen Caps. 100 mg60 capsules$88.53Order

A brand of Gengraf labelled as Cyclomune Eye Drops, Cyclophil Me, Imusporin, Panimun Bioral, and Restasis Eye Drops are at Freedom Pharmacy

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceFreedom Pharmacy
Cyclomune Eye Drops0.05% w/ v2 x 3ml eye drop$82.07Order
Cyclomune Eye Drops0.05% w/ v3 x 3ml eye drop$106.29Order
Cyclomune Eye Drops0.05% w/ v3ml$67.41Order
Cyclophil Me25 mg30 tablets$106.74Order
Cyclophil Me25 mg90 tablets$220.41Order
Cyclophil Me25 mg180 tablets$371.27Order
Cyclophil Me50 mg30 tablets$140.54Order
Cyclophil Me50 mg90 tablets$356.88Order
Cyclophil Me50 mg180 tablets$618.30Order
Imusporin50 mg30 capsules$167.68Order
Imusporin50 mg60$269.96Order
Imusporin50 mg120$450.54Order
Imusporin100 mg50 capsules$299.68Order
Imusporin100 mg100$563.37Order
Panimun Bioral50 mg50 capsules$474.87Order
Panimun Bioral100 mg50 capsules$870.60Order
Restasis Eye Drops0.05% w/ v2 x 12ml$226.93Order
Restasis Eye Drops0.05% w/ v3 x 12ml$342.82Order
Restasis Eye Drops0.05% w/ v12ml$152.48Order

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