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Neo-Zol Cream is one of several brands of Clotrimazole. Neo-Zol Cream is also sold under the names Atenal, Baycuten, Candid, Candimon, Canesten, Canesten Cream, Clomazol, Clotrimazol, Lotrimin Cream, Mycelex Cream, Myclo Cream. Neo-Zol Cream (Clotrimazole) is used to treat yeast infections of the vagina, mouth, and skin such as athlete's foot, jock itch, and body ringworm. It also can be used to prevent oral thrush in certain patients. Neo-Zol Cream (Clotrimazole) may also be used to treat other conditions as determined by your doctor. Click for more Neo-Zol Cream details.

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A brand of Neo-Zol Cream labelled as Antifungol manufactured by Hexal, Apocanda Creme produced by Aristo Pharma, Beta Micoter Crema, Canesten made by Quimica Bayer, Clotri Opt by Foliapharm, Clotri Opt Creme made by Foliapharm, Clotrigalen Creme manufactured by Galenpharma, Clotrimazol made by Abz Pharma, 1 A Pharma, Aliud Pharma, and Quimica Bayer, Clotrimazol-Ct produced by Abz Pharma, Kadefungin by Dr. Kade Pharm. Fabrik, Mykofungin manufactured by Mibe, Mykohaug by Betapharm, Sd-Hermal Minuten-Creme produced by Almirall Hermal, and Vagisan Myko Kombi manufactured by Dr. August Wolff & Co.Kg are at Goldpharma

Antifungol100 mg5g cream$10.28Order
Apocanda Creme10 mg20g cream$3.86Order
Beta Micoter Crema10 mg60g cream$25.09Order
Canesten1 %30g cream$18.48Order
Canesten Cut.Sol1 %1 solution$2.96Order
Canesten Vag100 mg6 tablets$5.45Order
Canesten Vag500 mg1 tablets$6.14Order
Clotri Opt 10 mg30x30ml solution$151.30Order
Clotri Opt Creme10 mg36x20g cream$70.88Order
Clotrigalen Creme10 mg100g cream$12.75Order
Clotrimazol10 mg40ml aerosol spray$7.09Order
Clotrimazol10 mg50g cream$5.99Order
Clotrimazol20 mg20g cream$5.95Order
Clotrimazol200 mg3 tablets$5.35Order
Clotrimazol Al Spray10 mg30ml aerosol spray$5.95Order
Clotrimazol Bayfarma10 mg/g30g cream$9.85Order
Clotrimazol Bayfarma Efg Vaginal2 %20g cream$8.76Order
Clotrimazol-Ct10 mg35g cream$25.21Order
Kadefungin100 mg1 combination package$26.81Order
Mykofungin20 mg1 combination package$11.51Order
Mykohaug200 mg1 combination package$9.30Order
Mykohaug C Creme10 mg25g cream$4.51Order
Sd-Hermal Minuten-Creme20 mg50g cream$13.40Order
Vagisan Myko Kombi10 mg1 combination package$12.75Order

A brand of Neo-Zol Cream labelled as Candid, Canesten, and Clomazol are at Freedom Pharmacy

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceFreedom Pharmacy
Candid1% cream45 gm$47.49Order
Candid Gel1% w/ v15gm$60.63Order
Candid Gel1% w/ v45gm$97.93Order
Candid Gel1% w/ v90gm$133.07Order
Canesten1% topical cream20gm$65.32Order
Canesten1% topical cream50gm$72.71Order
Canesten1% topical cream60gm$100.06Order
Canesten1% topical cream120gm$152.86Order
Canesten1% topical cream150gm$122.22Order
Canesten1% topical cream300gm$220.45Order
Canesten Topical Cream1% w/ v20gm$65.32Order
Canesten Topical Cream1% w/ v50gm$72.71Order
Canesten Topical Cream1% w/ v60gm$124.04Order
Canesten Topical Cream1% w/ v100gm$121.44Order
Canesten Topical Solution1% w/ v20ml$69.53Order
Canesten Topical Solution1% w/ v60ml$136.63Order
Canesten Vag Cream 3day2% w/ w20gm$74.48Order
Canesten Vag Cream 3day2% w/ w60gm$151.46Order
Canesten Vag Cream 6day1% w/ w35gm$71.93Order
Canesten Vag Cream 6day1% w/ w105gm$143.83Order
Canesten Vag Cream And 1 Dose Combi10% w/ w1 dose$81.11Order
Canesten Vag Cream Applct10% w/ w5gm$78.96Order
Canesten Vag Cream Applct10% w/ w15gm$164.98Order
Clomazoltopical cream20gm$49.42Order
Clomazolvag cream+6 appl.35gm$51.80Order
Clomazoltopical cream60gm$64.34Order

A brand of Neo-Zol Cream labelled as CANESTEN GYNO is at Dokter Online

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceDokter Online
CANESTEN GYNO200 mg3 tablets$40.36Order

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